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Use BSpamFree's Instantly Available, Anonymous Email Addresses now. Choose . We automatically accept the email message, ensuring you don't have to use your personal email address if you don't want to.

  • You don't have to create an email address
    We automatically accept all emails sent to BSpamFree.org. All you need to do is come to BSpamFree and enter the email address you used (eg. ) and read your email. It's just that simple!
  • How does it work
    Say you're at a party or surfing a website. You need to give out your email address (but hey, you don't want to be spammed for doing it!). So give out an email address at BSpamFree.org. Pick anything, it doesn't matter. Now go to BSpamFree and enter the email address you gave out (without the @BSpamFree.org part) and instantly you have your emails in front of you.
  • This service is anonymous!
    We don't collect any information about you. We don't want it and we're sure you don't want to give it out.
  • Do you have more questions about our service?
    Then take the time to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. You'll get a better idea of how it all works.
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