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Now, two-thirds of all e-mail is spam (May 22, 2004)
When the amount of unwanted e-mail advertisements flying around the Internet surpassed the number of real e-mails last year, it was regarded as a landmark moment. Since then, things have only gotten worse, anti-spam firms say, and in April, another milestone was passed. Read the whole story >

Study: Spam Filters Often Lose E-Mails (March 11, 2004)
NEW YORK (AP)—As spam-fighting tools become increasingly aggressive, e-mail recipients risk losing newsletters and promotions they've requested.

A new study attempts to quantify missed bulk mailings. Return Path, a company that monitors e-mail performance for online marketers, found that nearly 19 percent of e-mail sent by its customers never reached the inboxes of intended recipients. Read the whole story >

Do-not-spam list probably won't work (October 16, 2003)
NEW YORK -- The premise sounds simple: To cut down on junk e-mail, simply submit your addresses to a "do-not-spam" list that marketers would have to check to avoid fines. With more than 50 million phone numbers already on a federal do-not-call list, many e-mail users are eager for a no-spam counterpart.

But don't hold out much hope, even if one is created. Phone and e-mail systems -- and the marketers who employ them -- are fundamentally different. Read the whole story >

Challenge-response approach to spam could make e-mail more problematic (June 5, 2003)
NEW YORK (AP) — It's being promoted as a surefire way to eliminate unsolicited e-mail: Force senders to prove they are human rather than one of those automated programs that inundate the Internet with spam.

Known as challenge-response, the technology obliges senders to verify their authenticity before their electronic messages can be accepted. But the technique has consequences far beyond stymieing spam-spitting software robots, and some leading anti-spam activists fear it could backfire and render e-mail useless if widely adopted. Read the whole story >